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The Porchd Story So Far...

Porchd, founded in March 2017, was born with the mindset of creating a platform where the general public can coalesce in order to share opinions about real estate easily and effectively. Our first priority was to create a user friendly interface, where anyone could rate or comment on a wide range of homes with just a few clicks. Over time, the platform evolved to establish a link between the average home buyer and seller to gather information normally never disclosed.

With a smart and simple user interface, anybody can easily provide their opinion about a home anonymously. Sorted room by room, Porchd aggregates all the opinions from every rater and compiles a PDF report. This home analysis helps homeowners and real estate agents identify homebuyer trends specific to their home. Empowered by public opinion, homeowners are now able to make calculated, buyer-favorable changes, increasing the chances of selling or renting their home faster.

Porchd aims to create an aesthetic yet functional platform to help homeowners see their homes through the eyes of potential homebuyers. With the sole mindset of creating an efficient and affordable online Real Estate ecosystem, Porchd wants to optimize the home browsing process by incentivizing all involved.

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We aggregate the opinions, sort it room by room and deliver an easy-to-read PDF report that enables you to see your home through the eyes of potential home buyers.

A Porchd Home Analysis
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A Porchd Home Analysis
Other Platform Home Analysis

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